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I graduated from Whitworth University with a masters in Marriage and Family Therapy in 2015.  I am passionate about working with couples, women in transitional periods of life, and foster/adopt parents.

Premarital Counseling-  Receiving premarital counseling is an excellent way to start a healthy marriage.  It is an opportunity to explore the unique differences and similarities between a couple.  In flowerspremarital counseling you will learn each others life rhythms, this includes everything from how you spend money to expectations for the marriage itself.  I use a variety of tools to help guide our counseling process and spark conversation as we journey through the premarital counseling process.  Typically, premarital counseling lasts for 4-8 sessions and each session is 80 minutes long.  I look forward to joining you during this exciting time!

Couples Therapy-  It is easy to feel stuck in the gridlock of relationship stress.  Often times people come into therapy saying,   “Why do we always argue about the same things?” or “Whyimg_2790-1 doesn’t he/she understand me and what I need?” Often times, people feel alone, even when they are in a relationship.  In couples therapy I work with couples on shifting the cycles they often engage in and helping individuals feel heard and seen in the relationship.

Individual Therapy-     There are seasons in life that we may feel exceptionally defeated or chair_tissue-620x412anxious.  This often happens during big transitions or during a waiting period.  I work with individuals using  a variety of evidence based techniques to develop strategies to help individuals overcome challenges that once felt impossible.

Foster/Adoptive Parents-  While many of the same issues arise for foster/adopt couples and individuals, as any other parents, there are a unique set of struggles and joys that come withimg_2791 being a foster/adopt parent.  I work with parents to process their experiences with these complexities using a foundation of attachment models.


207 W Nora Ave.

Spokane WA. 99205


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