Foster Care and Adoptive Families

At Renewed Stories Counseling Services we provide individual, couples, and family therapy for individuals involved in the foster care system in Spokane County. This includes infants, children, youth, and parents. We utilize evidence based approaches with attachment always in mind. This service is contracted through the Department of Children Youth and Families.

In addition, we work closely with adoptive families navigating adjustment as well as attachment.

Play Therapy

You can learn more about a person in an hour of play, than in a year of conversation.


Often times, therapy with children is done in the context of play. It may not look as though work is being done, however, many complex struggles are worked out in these sessions. Children make sense of their world through play, and therapists are trained to help children develop an awareness of self and the world during these sessions.

Are you just playing? This does not look like therapy.

Family Therapy

“Why family therapy… because it deals with family pain.” – Virginia Satir

Family therapy focuses on the attachment and connection between family members. The therapist helps the parent to notice their influence in their child’s world. Together the therapist and the family notice needs that may be unmet. In session, the family identifies ways to meet these unmet needs. In family therapy you will identify the roles that each family members play in the family system. You will notice the strategies that each family members use when they are under stress. The therapist will work with the family on identifying new strategies that will build health and help both individuals and the family thrive.

In this video Virgina Satir displays parent coaching as well as similar experiences that may take place in a family therapy session.

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