Q:  How do I prepare for my first session?

A.  It can be very scary to attend counseling for your first time (or even your hundredth session).  One way that you can prepare is to make a list of questions or concerns.

Q:  How long will therapy take?

A.  There is no specific amount of sessions therapy “takes.”  For some six-eight sessions is effective, others spend a year attending weekly sessions.  Each individual determines how long they will invest in therapy.  It is my goal to help individuals complete therapy as quickly as possible and that they can lead abundant lives, independent of therapy.  Many find after they have fallen into the rhythm of therapy, they are able to meet every other week as opposed to weekly.

Q:  Is couples therapy be covered under my insurance?

A.  I work independently of insurance companies. Couples therapy is not considered a health care service.  Many insurance policies specify that couples therapy is not a covered service for this reason.  Out-of-network benefits vary from plan to plan. For details, contact your insurance carrier and ask about “out-of-network” benefits for “outpatient mental health services.” Upon request, we are happy to provide you with a statement for therapy that you may submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Q:  What are your fees?

A.  Fees vary depending on the service, sliding scale slots are available depending on availability.

Initial intake session:                     145.00

Individual Session:                          95.00

Couples therapy:                             125.00

Q:  How long is each session?

A.  Individual sessions are 60 minutes and couples therapy sessions are 80 minutes.

Q:  Do you have evening or weekend hours?

A.  There are daytime, evening, and weekend sessions available.


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