Couples Therapy

Helping you feel more connected…

We all long for deeper connections with our partners. At times, couples come to therapy with their relationship in shambles, as a last ditch effort. Other times, couples come to therapy uncertain how to get out of communication patterns that have been ingrained in the relationship. Together, we work to create a safe open environment, in which couples learn more about themselves as well as each other. Couples process not just the “what” of disagreements, but also the “how” of disagreements.

Reasons to start couples work:

  • Your arguments feel perpetual, and seem to be increasing over time.
  • You are struggling with trust within the relationship
  • You are struggling with each others past history and or family of origin
  • You are having more and more fights
  • You sexual relationship and romance are diminishing and/or changing
  • You want to go to the next step but are not sure you envision the same life or life goals
  • You are having same arguments and they are getting more and more escalated
  • You are having trouble with each other’s past history or family of origin
  • To process infidelity and issues of infidelity.

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