I heard it said once, "don't compare your carrots with your neighbors broccoli." Doing so robs us of the joy of delighting in each other's uniqueness. It's so easy to compare, isn't it? Her car is nicer than mine, that relationship is closer, their children are better behaved…and the list of comparison goes on and on. This cycle of comparison leads to feelings of "not enoughness." How do we safeguard our lives from the thief that comparison is? Gratitude.
Gratitude is the perfect antidote for "not enoughness." We can take joy in the process of doing the best we can with what we have. We can have gratitude for the little things, and in doing this we can realize our value extends far beyond what others have and what we do not have. By practicing gratitude, we turn towards the people we care most about, instead of pushing them away. While that neighbor of yours has the most beautiful carrots, you are growing a bounty of broccoli. Together you can share a meal.

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